Jane Mason

Jane Mason


Retired FBI Special Agent Jane Mason is the CEO of the successful private investigation firm Secure Investigation® d/b/a Office of Data Discovery Forensic Analysis which she founded in 2014 with a fellow retired FBI Special Agent.  Ms. Mason is also the founder of Secure FBI Directory which focuses on advancing the professional teamwork, networking, and camaraderie of former FBI Special Agents.

An expert in white-collar crime investigations as well as the collection of forensic evidence, Ms. Mason has vast case experience which includes hundreds of cases involving mortgage fraud, environmental crimes, financial institution fraud, public corruption, money laundering, structuring, Ponzi schemes, fraud against the government, and civil rights violations.  She is the recipient of numerous awards and commendations, including an award from the United States Attorney General in recognition of her outstanding investigative skills, leadership, teamwork, and successful liaisons.

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