About the Office of Data Forensic Analysis, LLC

Office of Data Discovery Forensic Analysis focuses on the review and investigation of material found in digital devices.

About Us

Office of Data Discovery Forensic Analysis, a Secure Investigation Inc. company, was founded by security industry experts and former Special Agents of the FBI. We are a premier INVESTIGATION company with a global network of elite
INVESTIGATION and security professionals. Our INVESTIGATION partners are comprised predominantly of Special Agents of the FBI who have years of experience from street agent to national program management. Our digital forensic analysis team offers a wide range of custom data forensics solutions to our clients to assist with all types of data challenges.

  • Our professionals have conducted numerous large-scale, complex INVESTIGATION; possess a thorough knowledge of the rules of evidence, laws, and decisions relating to search, seizure and arrest; and possess extensive experience in interviewing witnesses, collecting and analyzing documentary and forensic evidence and conducting surveillance and covert operations.
  • Our team has extensive experience in planning, executing and supervising INVESTIGATION nationwide in scope and character that often involved highly sensitive issues and working and negotiating with high level government officials.

Office of Data Discovery Forensic Analysis Team Members and Experts

Digital forensics can be complex and challenging for the novice to understand. Our subject matter experts ranging from attorneys with technical backgrounds to post-graduate computer science and software engineers make all things digital easy for our clients to understand and communicate and our former law enforcement are unimpeachable on the witness stand.

Geo location and social media warrant consulting

The Office of Data Discovery Forensic Analysis (ODDFA) is revolutionizing the way police departments are solving their cases with the help of geolocation and social media warrants. By consulting on the use of these powerful tools, ODDFA has been able to help law enforcement agencies work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Using a geo-location warrant, search engines such as Google can provide crucial information about what digital devices were located at a targeted geographic location – providing an invaluable resource for police officers working on a case. It also helps to trace digital footprints in a way that traditional methods would not be able to do as quickly or easily.

Social media warrants also enable law enforcement teams to target specific users, giving access to detailed records such as posts and comments made by them – all invaluable pieces of evidence when it comes to uncovering facts about a case. The ability to cross-reference this data with other sources has proved particularly useful in helping solve crimes.

Speaking about how ODDFA has been instrumental in helping police departments solve crime through its consulting on geolocation and social media warrants, David Whitaker, President of ODDFA said: “At ODDFA, we are committed to providing our clients with cutting edge technology that allows them to analyze data quickly and accurately. We understand the importance of using data driven solutions when it comes to combating crime and we are proud that our team is contributing actively towards finding justice for victims”.

Geolocation and social media warrants have become increasingly popular tools among police departments looking for new ways to find evidence and solve cases faster. With ODDFA’s expertise on hand, consultation on leveraging these two powerful resources has become even easier – leading to quicker convictions and better outcomes for victims of crime.