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How much is your privacy worth to you? If you’re in a profession such as law or medicine that relies on confidentiality above all else, then chances are it’s priceless. Unfortunately for those professionals who use their smartphones to conduct business, the privacy of their data is in danger of being violated. Apple has just announced their new photo-scanning policy intended to detect child abuse materials on its users’ devices. But this new initiative has consequences that reach far beyond Apple’s intentions. Check out our article to learn why their CSAM detection technology opens up Apple’s devices to potential data breaches and runs the risk of exposing countless troves of privileged data.

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Take a look at these two apples. You can easily tell the difference between the two, but can an algorithm? Apple’s newest policy aims to scan, detect, and flag iCloud images that potentially represent child sexual abuse materials. But the technology they use to do it and their system for decrypting your private data raises serious concerns about user security and false accusations. Read more about their upcoming policy and whether or now you may be among the many professionals that could be accidentally caught in the crosshairs.

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Are you concerned about your privileged data being breached? Apple’s new photo-scanning policy meant to combat child abuse material may be inadvertently putting your security in jeopardy. Find out more about their newest technology and whether or not it poses a risk to your data.

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Millions of iPhone users across the world depend on Apple to keep their private data out of the hands of would-be hackers and cybercriminals. And while Apple has heretofore refused to compromise the security of their devices through so-called “backdoors”, the company has suddenly reversed course with the implementation of their upcoming CSAM detection policy. While this policy is nobly intended to combat the possession and distribution of child sex abuse material, it puts at risk the countless professionals looking to keep their privileged data from being breached. Take a look at our article to learn more about the technology behind Apple’s new initiative and the myriad of legal and security concerns it poses.